Futurist | PhD, Cyber-biosecurity


  • Spyridon Siakavellas

    Spyridon Siakavellas

  • Michael Ford

    Michael Ford

    Data Scientist

  • vasilia kouppanou

    vasilia kouppanou

    I may not know how to write, but I know how to feel

  • Andreas Varotsis

    Andreas Varotsis

    quantitative crime science @ MPS | Coordinator @ Police Rewired | My (personal) thoughts on crime, data, and economics | https://andreasthinks.me/

  • Eugenia Rosaline Shlaen

    Eugenia Rosaline Shlaen

    Virtual self digital journal | Anthropology graduate

  • Jerah Cameron

    Jerah Cameron

    Working on some generative art and trying to find the needle in the jpeg NFT stack. Also, building some stacks myself.

  • Moises Marrary

    Moises Marrary

    Hacker at DeepIsland and Quantitative User Experience Researcher at Nubank

  • Christopher Ralph

    Christopher Ralph

    Ten plus years in banking management, a husband, a father, and student to life. Let us benefit from the compounding effect by sharing our knowledge and wisdom.

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