The Internet-of-Ingestible-Things™

So how did we do?

“I learnt so much, especially in cybersecurity, which I had not thought about before; the importance of cybersecurity regulations and how mainstream the internet of ingestible things will become”

“Having attended a hackathon in-person before, I was unsure how well a virtual one will be, especially as the teams are randomly allocated. This event exceeded all expectations. The opportunity to actually 3D print our design and see our vision in reality was a great experience”

Overall, how would you rate the event?

“in-person series!”

What about our Speakers?

“I particularly liked Ed Chung’s session, so more sessions around those topics”

“My favourite session was the session with Mark improving our communication as I think that drastically improved it.”

How would you rate our Workshops?

“Great opportunity to build a real prototype and bring your idea to life.”

What about our Staff?

“Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this Hackathon, it has opened my eyes to the importance of cybersecurity regulations and I am looking forward to getting involved in any other events you organise”

Would you be likely to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

“Very valuable experience and I learnt so much with the videos, workshops and especially working with the other members of my team”

“I found the course to be a very valuable and worthwhile experience that taught me a great deal about an area of research I knew little about previously”

How likely are you to attend another one of our events?

“It was my first Hackathon but it has put me on the path of doing many more.”


“With covid and vaccines the world has realised the power of disinformation. IoiT is still in the early stages for public understanding. We have been given the opportunity to make sure the same doesn’t happen to our industry and make sure people are well informed on the new technology, or know at least where to go”

“Reinforced the importance of proper cybersecurity for medical devices.


Cybercrime Conference: fake news, legislative responses, and women in cyber

Now, for our next one you may ask?


Were you eager to take part in the Internet-of-Ingestible-Things #IoiTHack but didn’t get a chance to this year?

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